Thursday, May 3, 2012

Temporary Insanity
* * * I am shopping (in the Clearance Rack , what else) and stumble upon a  ' Groovy ' Beatles T !!!   Love it....but not so much as a mind is a hummin'..(people start noticing the smoke around my head) ...ah ha !!! I will make a 'hippy bag' ! well it was only $4.80 so I HAD to get it (!)

cut out a shape for the base/bottom....I used leather first then thought...."uuugghh...well now I can't throw it in the wash!" I made the bottom with a piece (without that red sqiggle I would not know about the "i" / "e" debacle )
Alas, no photo....

cut and sew
leaving bottom open to attach to .....the bottom....(?)

sewing sides to bottom
*note; sewing on T shirt knit type fabric is a bit tricky for the really need a ball point needle so it won't cut into the fabric and leave adjusting your machine for the stretch stitch is usually a good idea

lining fabric
whatever you have around, even a pillow case or another old shirt you ( or someone that won't notice that their shirt is gone) don't wear anymore works really well...but NOT  another stretchy knit ...2 stretchy fabrics together just gets out of control !
cut same size as shirt/bag/purse

OOOHH....Pockets are fun !!

sew lining to pocket piece and turn right side out leaving opening on the bottom  so it will get stitched  closed when  sewn to lining fabric
I turned to the top edge down a bit....cause I can
*** IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE; sew sides of lining together AFTER sewing pockets on
cut a bottom pce. (hehe)...same size as before,  to sew to the ....bottom.....

pin lining to inside
important to gather/stretch as needed to fit....NEVER EVER is the lining and the  outside the same size  !!!  I don't care if you cut them the same time ...use the same pattern....TRUST ME... I've been doing this forever and it is NEVER THE SAME SIZE..... you will always have to 'finese' the pieces(ha spelled it right the first try) together

the top side, what used to be the shoulders, is now the part to fold around your  handle
I just happen to have this handle from old and forgotten ideas that I shoved into the closet
this gets stitched in a tight 'zig/zag' pattern for strength

or a grommet type button/snap thingy can be used BUT needs to be reinforced with facings and stabilizers or the fabric with stretch and pull away from the snap thing and your bag with fall onto the floor while you are walking (from what I have heard...not that I have found out the hard usual

almost finished !  hhhmmm....looks better in person
add a bit 'o beads and what not

wheeee....all done in a few hours of 'happy time'
the best part of this is that it cost so little that if I didn't like the end results I wouldn't have to beat myself up over wasting my hard earned really only took my time...and I that I have
thinking 'outside the box' is what really makes the world go 'round
where would we all be if we all followed the 'rules' place that  I would want to be that's for sure !  = please come see my shop !

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