Saturday, April 21, 2012

my mom would be sooo proud I actually remembered what she taught me  AND  it resembles  what I intended it to !!  Yay !
knitting these cuties has definitely burned some of my brain cells 
( a shame too, since I have so little left)
yet another example of what I thought (silly me) would be a 'simple task'.......HAHAAAAAAAA!!
( the knitting God's giggle !)  you would have to actually be there and witness my so called 'talent' in action.....I tend to read aloud (very loud.... thinking someone will have the answer and then tell me !) OVER AND OVER....that seems to help the instructions seep into the functioning part of my works .....on occasion. and then...."OOOHHHHHH" can actually see the light go on inside my head, really.   so taadaaa!!  we have little tiny stockings for Santa to carry with him, you know, just in case someone fell asleep and forgot to leave theirs could happen ~ the one that is not like the others, (ok now that song is in stuck in my head)....that one is inside out waiting to be sewn....I must have run off and of course forgot was I was doing so I started another project....OH (!) now I remember...I've started another head ! aaahaa!!  it all evens up in the end ....when it counts.    = this is my shop

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