Monday, April 16, 2012

ta da !!! (music please...)
I do as much research as I can for my Santa designs and realized (boink !)  that  these little beauties were way too expensive to include in my work all my (so called) wisdom I decided (yes...) to MAKE IT MYSELF!
HA ! (yet again...)  found this wonderful lady demonstrating this long forgotten (maybe for good reason) craft and was willing to sacrifice her time and family member to video this process so random  idealists (me) could try it for oneself and realize exactly why there is this valued price tag on such a product........but after lots of  oh, lets just say....unprintable word choices, I actually made what seems to resemble a Vintage German Feather Tree (! ) 

see ! my first attempt at an original "German Feather Tree"

this involves tiny feathers, (really) very sticky tape (you know you are in trouble when 'they' recommend WD-40 to remove said tape residue)  =  this is my shop

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